organisation chart

Staff of the Bruckner Foundation

Emilie FARGUES, joint manager
Mélanie VARIN, joint manager
Surya BAUDET, administrative assistant

Members of the Management Board

Stéphanie LAMMAR, Chairwoman
Mireille EXCOFFIER, Vice-Chairwoman
Catherine DACQUIN, treasurer
Philippe BARDE, member
Marceau SCHROETER, member

Members of the Board of Trustees

Yvan AGNESINA, representative of the PS
Philippe BARDE, co-opted member
Catherine DACQUIN, co-opted member
Mireille EXCOFFIER, co-opted member
Valérie HANGEL, co-opted member
Nadège KINDUDI, representative of the PLR
Stéphanie LAMMAR, administrative councillor, representative of the PS
Brigitte LEUZINGER, representative of the PS
Isabelle NAEF GALUBA, co-opted member
Sircée PIERRE TOUSSAINT, representative of the MCG
Marceau SCHROETER, representative of the PDC
Laure SCHWARZ-ARENALES, co-opted member
Safiatou SIMPORE DIAZ, representative of the Parti Les Verts
Valérie STEINMESSE, representative of the PLR