Magadalena Gerber - "Domestic Sculptures"

du 9 au 12 mars 2017
Espace Témoin - Genève
Guérisseuse,  2016, Grès, fourrure de chat, caisse à vin © Magdalena Gerber
Guérisseuse, 2016, Grès, fourrure de chat, caisse à vin © Magdalena Gerber

Domestic Sculptures
Solutions pratiques pour problèmes inventés

Exposition de Magdalena Gerber

[...] The wish to create absurd objects, but with the utmost precision. The series of works STAUBFÄNGER & LADENHÜTER [Dust Catchers & Shelf Warmers] (2012) picks up on pejorative words used to describe goods produced in large quantities that failed to respond to an actual need and as a result ended up unsold, languishing on the lower shelf of a retail shop. The work makes comment on the overflow of available consumer goods through apparently useless objects, which the artist calls ‘sculptural sketches’. The ceramic objects seduce us with vague affordances, a handle here, a lever there, a knob – elements that allude to imaginary functions and systematically frustrate possible interactions. [...] Their eccentricity (out of centre, beyond the scope of dominant definitions) is not to be taken as patronising but rather as a humorous invitation to try with tongue in cheek, an ’applied uncertainty’, as critical attitude to our relationship with the material world. The work of Magdalena Gerber calls for an intellectual, sensorial and emotional response. She does not provide answers but encourages us to re-imagine the commonplace. [...]
(Monica Gaspar)

Vernissage :
Jeudi 9 mars 18h - 21h

Vendredi 10 mars  16h -19h
Samedi 11 mars   14h -18h
Finissage dimanche 12 mars 16 à 18h

Espace Témoin
Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 10 (bâtiment G)
2ème Supérieur (porte 203S)
1205 Genève