Prize of the International Ceramics Competition of the City of Carouge

An international jury - composed of personalities from the world of the arts and ceramics, as well as a representative of Swissceramics, the Swiss Ceramics Association, and a representative of the Bruckner Foundation for the Promotion of Ceramics – chaired by the Administrative Councillor of the City of Carouge in charge of culture, is called upon to examine all the application files and select a certain number of candidates.

The Competition gives rise to an exhibition displaying all the works selected by the jury, which awards the different prizes on the opening day of the exhibition.

The Bruckner Foundation awards a prize worth CHF 2 000.-.

The winners are:

2001: The chandelier, Jo JACOBS, Belgium
2003: The spoon, Patrice CLOUD, France
2005: The stem vase, Lea GEORG, Switzerland
2007: The jug, Yauheni ADZINOCHANKA, Belarus
2009: The cup and saucer, Ilaria GHEZZI, Switzerland
2011: The box, Akashi MURAKAMI, Japan (works and lives in France)
2013: The garden gnome, Sara DARIO, Italy
2015: The lamp, Sara JENKINS, UK
2017: The mirror, Zsiri Melinda DEMPSEY, Irland